A methodology for achieving victory(Part-2). By: Faiyaz Mujahideen Fesabilillah


They will heal this Ummah from disease and decay, testifying the Truth, and become a shield against the concepts, doctrines, ideologies and innovations, which endanger the beauty of Islam and distort its foundations. They are

“those who remain righteous, when people become vicious”
(Narrated by Imam Ahmad, Ibn Hibban and others),

and they are

“a small group of righteous believers among the majority, steeped in iniquity”.
(Narrated by Imam Ahmad, Ibn Hibban and others)

They are

“those who strictly follows the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet (pbuh), as well as on what the first generation of Mohajir and Ansar came together, and those who truly followed them”.
(Ibn Taymiyyah. Majmu al Fatawa, 2 / 375)

They are those

“who adhere to aqidah, speech and actions of the Messenger (pbuh) of Allah and his companions”.
(Ibn Baaz. “Words of Advice Regarding Da’wah”, p. 50)

They are – “the victorious group” (al-Taifa al-Mansoura), about which the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“There will never cease to remain a group from my Ummah fighting upon the command of Allah, subjugating their enemies. They are not harmed by those who oppose them, until the Hour arrives”.
(Narrated by Imam Muslim)

And in the version of Muslim and Bukhari:

“… those who leave them”.

And also:

“There will never cease to exist a group from my Ummah fighting upon the Truth, manifest against those who oppose them, until the last of them fight Al-Masih ad-Dajjal”.
(Narrated by Abu Dawud, Kitab Al-Jihad 3/11, and in Mustadrak Al-Hakim, Kitaab Al-Jihad 2/71; Kitaab Al-Fitan 4/450. This narration was declared “Sahih”, by Ibn Jarir At-Tabari in “Musnad Umar”, 2/825, Al-Albani in “Sahih Abi Dawud”, #2484)

It should be noted that all the hadiths about al-Taifa al-Mansoura referred to the fact that the jihad in the way of Allah – is continuous process, and it will be ongoing until the last Hour, without stopping for a moment.

And from that follows that regardless of the condition of the Muslims – whether they are strong or weak, sublimed or humiliated, a group, fighting in the way of Allah, does not cease to exist until the Day of Judgment comes. And, indeed, it will be victorious!

Despite the apparent might of infidelity and seeming weakness of this Ummah today, really, One Allah knows the true state of affairs. And as He, Glorious and Exalted, said:

“It is only the Shaitan that causes you to fear from his friends, but do not fear them, and fear Me if you are believers”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 3. “The Family of Imran”, verse 175)

And also:

“For the present Allah has made light your burden, and He knows that there is weakness in you; so if there are a hundred patient ones of you they shall overcome two hundred, and if there are a thousand they shall overcome two thousand by Allah’s permission, and Allah is with the patient”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 8. “The Spoils of War”, verse 66)

And also:

“Those to whom the people said: Surely men have gathered against you, therefore fear them, but this increased their faith, and they said: Allah is sufficient for us and most excellent is the Protector. So they returned with favor from Allah and (His) grace, no evil touched them and they followed the pleasure of Allah; and Allah is the Lord of mighty grace”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 3. “The Family of Imran”, verses 173-174)

Obviously the power of Allah is extended also over the infidels. They are reachable for Him. However, the essence of this life – is a test. As it said by Almighty Allah:

“What! do you think that you will be left alone while Allah has not yet known those of you who have struggled hard and have not taken any one as an adherent besides Allah and His Apostle and the believers; and Allah is aware of what you do”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 9. “The Repentance”, verse 16)

And also:

“If a wound has afflicted you (at Ohud), a wound like it has also afflicted the (unbelieving) people; and We bring these days to men by turns, and that Allah may know those who believe and take witnesses from among you; and Allah does not love the unjust. And that He may purge those who believe and deprive the unbelievers of blessings. Do you think that you will enter the garden while Allah has not yet known those who strive hard from among you, and (He has not) known the patient”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 3. “The Family of Imran”, verses 140-142)

It is through jihad that Allah tests the truthfulness of His servants. Indeed,

“if Allah had pleased He would certainly have exacted what is due from them, but that He may try some of you by means of others; and (as for) those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will by no means allow their deeds to perish”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 47. “Muhammad”, verse 4)

At the same time, the jihad is not only a test but also the greatest mercy of Allah for His servants and a guarantor of the best prospects. As it said about by the Sheikh-ul-Islam ibn Taymiyyah in his book Kitab al-Jihad (2 / 63):

“Either victory and triumph or martyrdom and paradise. So those who will live out of the Mujahideen, honor and reward of Dunya to them, as well as a great reward in Ahyra. And those of them who will die, go to Jannat”.

Almighty Allah said:

“And whoever strives hard, he strives only for his own soul; most surely Allah is Self-sufficient, above (need of) the worlds”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 6. “The Spider”, verse 6)

So, the best preparation for the believers is to fix the soul and bringing acts into conformity with the norms of Islam, the fundamental basis necessary for victory is the God-fearing. That, in other matters, does not hinder in any way the strategic planning and formation of resources.

As the Almighty said about it:

“And let not those who disbelieve think that they shall come in first; surely they will not escape. And prepare against them what force you can and horses tied at the frontier, to frighten thereby the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them, whom you do not know (but) Allah knows them; and whatever thing you will spend in Allah’s way, it will be paid back to you fully and you shall not be dealt with unjustly”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 8. “The Spoils of War”, verses 59-60)

Material, military training is a precondition for success. This is the same base on which the Muslims will gain opportunity to fight on the Path of Allah, thus bringing the realization of Allah’s promises. But above all, Allah made the victory depending on conviction and iman, as He, Exalted, said:

“And whoever takes Allah and His apostle and those who believe for a guardian, then surely the party of Allah are they that shall be triumphant”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 5. “The Spoils of War”, verse 56)

• The fourth rule. Weakness as a characteristic of the current condition of the Ummah – the fruit of a lack of conditions for the implementation of the promises of Allah. In other words, the absence of a victory is the result of failure to properly measure two aspects of its achievement – the spiritual and material.

It is a religious degradation, and as a consequence, a lack of understanding of this religion. The spread of sin and disobedience led to weakness and passivity inherent today in Muslims. Many abandon jihad on the Path of Allah, therefore, steeped in misconceptions and fear before created, prefer submission to infidelity instead of the illusion of its own security.

Almighty Allah said:

“Whatever benefit comes to you (O man!), it is from Allah, and whatever misfortune befalls you, it is from yourself”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 4. “The Women”, verse 79)

And also:

“And whatever affliction befalls you, it is on account of what your hands have wrought, and (yet) He pardons most (of your faults)”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 42. “The Consultation”, verse 30)

“Surely Allah does not do any injustice to men, but men are unjust to themselves”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 10. “Jonah”, verse 44)

But this rule was not an exception even for the best generation of this Ummah. Disobedience of individual Muslims will certainly hurt the entire community. So, in the Day of Uhud the defeat, wounds and death were the result of disobedience to the commandment of the Prophet (pbuh) in the some fighting. As the Almighty Allah said about that:

“What! when a misfortune befell you, and you had certainly afflicted (the unbelievers) with twice as much, you began to say: Whence is this? Say: It is from yourselves; surely Allah has power over all things”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 3. “The Family of Imran”, verse 165)

to be continued…….


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