How to become a Muslim (part 4). By: Salah Al Din Ovtchinnikov

How to become a Muslim (part 4).
By: Salah Al Din Ovtchinnikov

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

How to declare the Shahadah

A person does NOT need to do a course or obtain a certificate to become a Muslim.

If there are no Mosques or Muslims were you live you can declare the Shahadah to your self..

At we have helped brothers and sisters say the Shahadah via phone and via the Net. So if you wish for us to go through it with you step by step. Please do no not hesitate to leave us a message and we can arrange an online meeting at a mutually convenient time.

However, it is not sufficient for anyone to only utter this testimony orally either in private or in public; but rather, he or she should believe in it with a firm conviction and unshakable faith. Once you have said the Shahadah then you will be like a New Born Person. Free of any sins. Just like a child is born sinless.
From the Emails I received on the message board. I noticed some women have delayed their Shahadah because of menstruation. It does not matter if a woman is menstruating. You can say your Shahadah even when you are menstruating. The women do not go inside the prayer area of the Masjid (Mosque) when menstruating. However if they want to say their Shahadah at the Masjid they can arrange to say it say just outside the Masjid or part of the Masjid complex which is not regarded as the place of prayer.


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