A advice from my heart to yours………….! By: Fareeda Amathullah

In the name of Allah (swt), the beneficent, the merciful.
Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

O’ Muslims, our hearts have vision; the ability to see. Allah (swt) mentions inthe Quran that some hearts are sealed and blind, yet others see beyond what the eyes can.

If I were to tell you, I know a place and a way to see a crystal blue river, withlayers of diamonds flowing harmoniously on top, would it please you to gaze youreyes upon it? What if I told you I know a way to see something higher in beauty,something so beautiful that it is seen by the heart, the heart which can not only see, but process feelings as well. Such a vision can be experienced with an imanthat is pure, and the vision stays ad long as you keep it. And this vision is a reality, the reality of Islam. I invite you to read on, Inshallah it is to your benefit.

Your stay on earth is not a destination, rather it is a journey. So travel and follow the light Allah sends by guidance, and strengthen your iman, and when your iman grows to a mighty level, ask yourself, Do i not see beauty that the treasures of earth can not match? Do I not see what I did not see before? and have I not gained peace of which money can not buy?

O’ Muslims, brothers and sisters, our noble prophet(sal allahu alahi wa salam) said that the one who is wise is the one who prepares for the hereafter. Indeed the wisdom in this is heavenly and deep. If you were to abandon what Allah (swt) has forbidden,if you were to live a simple life, if you were to avoid being distracted by material gain and rivalry amongst yourselves, and if you were to stay active in what pleases Allah, then by him in whose command my heart beats, there would indeed be a mighty reward awaiting your arrival. And your path and entry to the ultimate success would be smooth. The more complicated a person makes their life by indulging in that which they take not with them after death, the more actions you are accountable for. Just like the engine of a car, the more you desire for itto be capable of things beyond getting you from one point to the other, the more chance there is of a mechanical failure, as the system contains more elements, and the burden of it operating successfully, is increased. So then by living simple,you are living wise, and if it means living as a poor person, then know Allah is aware of your sacrifice, and remember the inhabitants of jannat were mostly the poor people on earth, jannah is truly a greater treasure than all that the earth
can withold.

Allah (swt), the one to whom all beautiful names belong, sent Adam down from the heavens to the earth, with an avowed enemy satan, an enemy to Allah (swt), and an enemy to mankind. By Satans disobedience to Allah, he has earned a curse upon himself, and his purpose on earth is to cause confusion, doubt and to mislead a great part of the children of Adam to follow the path to failure and to dwell in an eternal punishment. If you truly believe, you must therefore treat Satan as an open enemy, and give no avenue or cracks in your faith for him to travel on and interfere with your iman. Obedience to Allah burns satan with frustration, so stay obedient to Allah, and do not respond to respond to what satan suggests, from within your heart. Be observant, aware, alert, cautious and stay clear from that which causes your iman to degrade in quality. Do not race in satisfying your desires, race in righteousness. The one who follows Islam genuinely and correctly,is like a healthy rose that is sustained by Allah, covered by the shield that Islam protects it’s devotees, halting any evil from outside entering into this security.

O’ Muslims, you are one ummah, it is the arrogance and ignorance within you, and the whisperings of satan you respond to, that causes you to divide and weaken in unity. Consult the holy Quran, division into sects is clearly prohibited. If you are not of the ummah of prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), then you are of a division that unites by agreeing on some arrogance. And entry to heaven is only given to those purified from any influence of the rejected, the accursed, satan.

It is also quite evident that in the war satan and his followers hold against the believers, a Muslim is having their time compromised, abused and wasted. If you are aware and observant, surely you will notice the influence of satan in orchestrating the decline of your free time.

Some things for what has become normal in modern society, and the temptations that preoccupy you, and the abuse and mismanagement of your time, are only causing you loss and no benefit. And remember, time travels one way, on a stream, and does not come back. Therefore use and manage time wisely!

Those in their youth and those not suffering from illness, you must realize the precious mercy Allah (swt) has placed upon you. Therefore use your strength in accumulating good deeds, for when old age strikes you, that is if you reach it,your capabilities are limited. And live each day expecting death, because deathcomes unexpected.

Allah! creator of creation, decider of limits, bestower of blessings, giver of
mercy, has given us the faculties of hearing, speech, understanding, and countless other favours. It is our duty then to realize the importance of using them wisely,because they can either aid in our admittance to hell, or our ascent to heaven. Be thankful to Allah, all the time, and stay patient through trials. Keep Allah on your mind sitting, standing, walking, talking and any other situation, and remember death, the destroyer of pleasures. This will help one abstain from what is forbidden, and will increase your fear for Allah and his mighty punishment’s awaiting those who follow satan.

Be alert, do not accept any means of evil, whether it be forbidden means ofwealth, or the gossip of a back biter. If you do so, you will only cause fire to be your destiny. It is easy to conceal hidden in our hearts, small acts of evil that we think may be of no significance. But the reality is, small acts of evil are sufficient for satan, who on the day of judgement will take no blame for you,he will only announce that he called you, but you acted. Brothers and sisters,save yourself while you are breathing, from a punishment that only increases inintensity, when your soul begs for relief.

O’ my beloved brethren, and my sisters who keep their gaze low, we are one body,one soul, one ummah, if you love your family, then remind those around you, that we are to return to that which we came from, taking only our deeds and presenting them. There is a barrier between earth, and the stages you follow after death, you shall return not, it is a one way direction. Like a black hole in space, have youread about these wonders that Allah has created?, once matter enters them, and crosses a certain point, that matter can not return or go back, the gravitational pull is so strong, that by the command of Allah, not even Light can escape.

Consult those among you who are trustworthy and knowledgeable in the religion, and in times of isolation, consult the heart which Allah has given you fearing his greatness.

Allah! judge of all judges, creator of darkness and light, King of all kings, free of faults, free of needs, creator of all dimensions, how perfect is he. He is the Provider of sustenance for all his creatures, HE does not need to be provided for.HIS words can never be exhausted, consult the holy quran! Neither slumber nor Sleep overtakes HIM! Worthy of all praise HE is, all the power and glory and honour are with him, you have no knowledge, except that which he allows for you.He is the greatest pleasure, and nearness to him is the greatest success. He is
the light, the light upon light.

Praise HIM as much as you can, worship HIM as that is your only purpose. Live life as if you can see him, and if you can not reach that state of devotion then consider that HE is watching you!

Oh Allah, may my free will be taken away, and be replaced with a constant order to lie prostrate to YOU, that is my only will, which will make me free.

My noble brethren, and the sisters who support us, Once Prophet Muhammad (sal allahu alahi wa salam)and Allah (swt) become dearer to you then anything else, attachment to worldly pleasure fade away like death fades away from life.

I announce to you some logic, and regardless of who you are, no human can deny this. Anything!, if it is attached to something, there is resistance upon its removal. Similarly, if you are attached to the worldly life, and are distant from him who sent you here, tell me honestly, if your removal is due, would there not be resistance? And if such resistance exists, it is because of what your soul acknowledges it has indulged in, and it will wish for utter destruction there and then, but desires will not avail it then, the angels appointed to take it will have to do so violently, forcing it our regardless of the resistance it displays.

O’ Muslims, your free will is a gift, realize the value of it and don’t abuse it.
Success, peace, gardens underneath which rivers flow, they all await those who are successful, and those who are successful are the believers, and the believers arethose who put their trust in Allah, obey his law, worship him sincerely and testify him as the one and only LORD.

Consult the holy Quran, indeed those who worship Allah sincerely, it is they who have their souls elevated, and it is they who are in high rank. They will be before their LORD, under HIS shade of protection, looking forward to the paradisethat awaits them, no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve. May thelight, the noor of iman shine brightly on the faces of those who are firm in Islam. May the eyes of those with iman be evident and bright.


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