Purifying the Heart. By: Salah Al Din Ovtchinnikov.

Purifying the Heart

To: Members of Islamic Organization for Dawah
By: Salah Al Din Ovtchinnikov.

Ibn al-Qayyim – rahimahullaah- said:

“There is no doubt that the heart becomes covered with rust, just as metal dishes – silver, and their like – become rusty. So the rust of the heart is polished with dhikr (remembrance of Allaah), for dhikr polishes the heart until it becomes like a shiny mirror. However, when dhikr is abandoned, the rust returns; and when it commences then the heart again begins to be cleansed. Thus the heart becoming rusty is due to two matters: sins and ghaflah ( neglecting remembrance of Allaah ). Likewise, it is cleansed and polished by two things : istighfaar (seeking Allaah’s forgiveness) and dhikr.”


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